I Eat What I Need- a group for ALL bodies

We are Emily and Jan, a daughter-mother team who are passionate about reconnecting with our bodies so we can eat what we need. Through retreats, workshops, and individual guidance, we support people to come home to their bodies and learn to find peace around food. We invite you to share this journey with us, to learn to eat what you need. We are learning everyday to eat more naturally, making conscious choices to nourish our bodies, minds and hearts and move away from cravings and compulsive eating which had become such a burden. We also strive to counteract the current climate of body-shaming and body-hatred, which only serves to make people feel unacceptable in their own skin. We invite you to share this journey with us, to learn to eat what you need, and to let go of habitual behaviours and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. We run retreats throughout the year along with gentle yoga and meditation workshops in Colchester, Essex. We also offer 121 guidance via Skype/Zoom. Please get in touch if what we say resonates with you or if you have any questions.

Our retreats, workshops and 121 guidance supports people to feel more joyful and free in body and mind. We teach The Process, seven principles which help us to love the body we have now, and learn to eat what we need. Join us as we go into our bodies to understand how we feel, work on healing trauma and disordered eating and start the journey towards self love and endless compassion.

You can also find us live on our Facebook page every Monday at 8am, where we discuss all things mind, body and soul.


Jan and Emily Holden


Emily Holden


Jan Holden


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